Comprehensive Addiction Programs | ASSESSMENTS
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The How and The Why of it

The addiction Severity Index (ASI), the process we use at CAP, is a semi-structured interview for substance abuse assessment and treatment planning. The ASI is developed to gather key information about areas of a client’s life that may contribute to their substance-abuse problems, such as health, financial, psychologically, personal, work relationships, etc.

We believe that the key to successful treatment is the accurate evaluation of our clients, which consists of assessing all aspects of the clients’ symptoms of addiction and their living situation. That is why the assessment is always done prior to entry of our program.

Clients are also given health questionnaires to identify any medical problems resulting from substance abuse and to properly manage any medical conditions that are concurrent with the drug or alcohol abuse. This is followed by thorough psychological and substance abuse evaluations to identify the problems that must be addressed in treatment. This information is used to formulate an individualized treatment plan.

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