Comprehensive Addiction Programs | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of getting into the program?

Our process always starts with a phone screening. The individual seeking treatment must call and do the phone screening with staff; it cannot be done by a family member or friend.

Each individuals needs are different, following a phone screening we can determine eligibility and what level of service would be appropriate.

For phone screening please call Residential: 559-264-5096 or Detox: 559-485-6364.

We also have an orientation for residential services that occurs every Tuesday, 9 a.m. Please be on time as doors will closed promptly at 9 a.m.

Is there a cost?

We work with the following agencies for referral services: Department of Social Services (CPS), CalWORKs, Turning Point, Veteran’s Affairs, probation through AB109 funding and parole through STOP. If you are affiliated with any of the following please contact your case manager or social worker.

***We also have funding for Fresno County Residents for both detox and residential. Please call for details on availability.

Do you take Medi-cal or private insurance?

At this time, due to our non-medical status insurance will not pay for the cost of our services. Please call us to see if you qualify for other levels of funding.

What are the difference between Detox and Residential Services?

Detox is a service that provides a safe environment to withdrawal for individuals who have used drugs or alcohol in the last 72 hours. While there are some recovery group held in detox it is not considered a recovery program and maximum stay is 14 days. Residential requires that an individual be clean and sober for 72 hours and usually ranges between 30-90 days, depending on resources and individual client needs.

Do you allow us to drop people off?

CAP is a non-medical, non-emergency service organization. If at any time you feel like someone’s life is at risk please call 911 emergency services. Our process always starts with a phone screening; from there we can determine what is the safest options for you or your loved one to seek help with an addiction.

What qualification do you need to meeting sober living/transitional living?

In order to live in our sober living you must have completed 30 days of residential program and have at least 30 days prior to entry clean and sober. Some exception are made for individuals who are actively in an outpatient and are needing a sober environment to live. For more information about Sober Living please contact us at 559.264.5096.

Family Members of Current Clients

For detox clients please contact staff in department regarding clients treatment.

For details for residential clients regarding personal belongings, visitations and other clients rules and policies please contact us.