Comprehensive Addiction Programs | RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM
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The residential program at CAP is based on an open-ended, social model, multi-phase program providing education and support in order to work towards abstinence from chemical dependency.  Based on this structure, we hope to assist our clients to become responsible and accountable in their personal lives. Our certified staff members are avaible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide services and support through education, counseling and case management to ensure our clients accomplish the goals of their individual treatment plan.

At CAP, we believe in the value of “each one teach one” experienced in a group process approach which is designed to encourage healthy social skills as well as to help clients become more proficient at problem solving, developing, developing areas of communication and trust, while having the common goal of obtaining abstinence.  Our Emphasis is “I Can’t, But We Can”, where the group becomes responsible both for itself and the home. An emphasis is placed on learning the necessary relapse prevention skills and accepting responsibility for making positive life changes. Participants receive services that will empower them to:

  • Abstain from alcohol and other drugs
  • Gain structure and stability
  • Change the way they think and behave
  • Gain new skills for living a responsible lifestyle
  • Gain vocational and educational opportunities
  • Restore relationships and strengthen families

Any person with alcohol/drug problems over the age of eighteen, and not under the influence of mind-alternating drugs, is eligible for residency. Services are not denied to anyone for reasons of race, ethnicity, sex, economic/social status, or physical handicap.   The program is specifically geared towards alcoholics/addicts who need residential services.