Comprehensive Addiction Programs | Services
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We believe that the key to successful treatment is the accurate evaluation of our clients, which consists of assessing all aspects of the clients’ symptoms of addiction and their living situation. Clients are also given health questionnaires to identify any medical problems resulting from substance abuse and to properly manage any medical conditions that are concurrent with the drug or alcohol abuse. This is followed by thorough psychological and substance abuse evaluations to identify the problems that must be addressed in treatment. This information is used to formulate an individualized treatment plan.

Residential Care Program

The general environment at Comprehensive Addiction Programs, Inc. is based on learning to work together to solve problems as a dependency-free community. The size and design of our community provides a special opportunity to create a model of healthy peer confrontation. Under the guidance of counselors, denial is broken down, self-disclosure begins, and subsequently changes in behavior and thinking occur, instilling long term recovery skills.

The treatment week is carefully planned to provide the best use of each day, and to address the many topics and issues that are essential to recovery such as family of origin issues, neurochemistry of addiction, boundaries, spirituality, anger management, domestic violence, parenting, and relapse/triggers prevention.

Detoxification and Stabilization Services

The drug and alcohol detoxification and stabilization center is a the only non-medical residential detoxification unit serving adult men in the Central Valley. This service offers a safe, supportive environment for individuals to withdraw from using drugs and alcohol.

Services include bedroom and bath facilities, nutritious meals and snacks, basic personal necessities, 24-hour supervision, withdrawal support, peer group counseling, addiction education, and mental health assessments where indicated.

Clients receive assistance with decisions about their continued treatment and recovery needs and recommendations for further care.

***Some county-funding is available for this level of care.

For cost and availability please call (559) 485-6364.

Short-stay Services

We also offer a short-stay, 3-5 day detox, designed for individuals already in a program who relapse and for those who need to withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs as a requirement for entering a program. The cost may be covered either by the client or by the referring agency; county funding is not available for this level of care.

Transitional Living/Sober Living

This facility is 8-bed transitional sober living facility located on the CAP property.  It provides an alcohol and drug-free environment for individuals who need support while they transition to independent living. This service is to help residents improve their living skills and slowly transition to independent living while maintaining abstinence from addictive substances. Services include full room and board, AA/NA support, facilitated peer-support groups, transition planning and case management and financial planning and budgeting.


CAP’s Aftercare Program is a weekly group, facilitated by experienced staff that helps guide clients in their recovery efforts. During Aftercare, skills learned in recovery are positively reinforced, giving individuals opportunities to succeed despite the obstacles in day-to-day life. In addition, clients receive feedback and support from staff and peers, helping them to meet goals they set for themselves in their Residential Care Program.